Getting Old and Scaring Wives

Pains of Aging

If there is one thing in life that stinks, it’s getting old. On the other hand, if there is one thing in life that is sweeter than honey, it’s getting old (i.e., not dying).

There are a lot of pains and aches associated with aging. One of those pains is the pain in the rear that comes with having to go to the ER every time I feel pain in my chest. I get so tired of all the questions, needles, sticky things that painfully remove hair from my chest (I am a manly man, you know), and freezing while waiting for a doctor to tell me I’m not having a heart attack – he thinks.

But there are other pains, too. There’s the pain of hearing your youngest daughter ask, “could this kill you?” There’s the pain of having to hug your girls as you leave for the emergency room, knowing, if this is it, they will be suffering unimaginable pain, but you won’t be there to help. There’s the pain of looking into your wife’s eyes, wondering how she will cope if you don’t make it through the next few hours.

I went through all of this, today.

Perks of Aging

But, there are some perks that come along with aging, too! One is being able to walk on a college campus wearing a sweater vest and have all the college girls (and guys, but not as many) open the door for you (because they think their grade may depend on it). It’s fun. I say, “Have you got your presentation ready for tomorrow?” Ha! Such fun!

Ultimately, getting older means the train is getting closer to the station. I have my bags packed, and my ticket punched. The longer I stand still and listen, the more I think I can feel the vibration on the tracks. It won’t be much longer. I will finally get to go to that land where I will run faster and faster, farther in, and farther up.

I just pray that my train is not too far apart from my wife’s train. She’s scared I will leave too soon. Maybe, if we wait long enough, we can ride in the same dining car together. I’d love to see her eyes when we see for the first time the place we are going. The light will reflect beautifully off of her grey hair.


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12 responses to “Getting Old and Scaring Wives

  1. wow dude…glad to hear you’re alright! I need a few level-headed Christians around to hassle now and then 😉

    by the way, you sell yourself short as a writer. that last paragraph utilizes great imagery *and* wit!

    and regarding death, the one universal human equalizer, I’ve always been intrigued by the philosopher Epicurus. He said:

    “Death is nothing to us, since when we are, death has not come, and when death has come,we are not.”

    That idea can apply to any worldview!

    No need to lose sleep, my friend.

    • As Paul said, “I am in a straight betwixt two,” whether to go and receive my reward, or stay and be hassled by you. Hmmm… Oh yeah! Almost forgot! My family needs me, too.

      Seriously, thanks. Your kind words are a fulfillment of 1 Timothy 3:7.

  2. Your post made me cry! I too long for Home! My children are all grown and shall be fine. As for my wife how much more could I ask of my Lord than to walk hand in hand with her to our Father’s Throne!

  3. You brought tears to my eyes Anthony. I really appreciate the love you have for your wife. God bless you my friend!

  4. God be with you, we will all leave one day, thats for sure. I hope you get to stay with your family as long as it needs you. Wishing you the best.

  5. MikeW

    Prayers for finding a stable cardio situation with prayer, docs, diet and exercise, Anthony.

  6. thanks for sharing your story, may God bless you and your Family and hoping that you have plenty time to spend with your wife !

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