Hard Life

This week I want you to pray for one of the most prosperous and free countries in Europe, Estonia. If you are not familiar with this country, then go to a world map, find the Baltic Sea, and then look south of Finland and east of Sweden. There it will be, a small part of the former Soviet Union.

And speaking of former stuff, I was reading the history of Estonia on Wikipedia and found myself cringing and wincing. Those poor people went through some horrible, horrible years. Just in the last century, wars, occupations, and deportations killed off way over 25% of the population. In WWII Estonia suffered tremendously, first under the Soviets, then the Nazis. After the war things didn’t get much better.

Good Life

The great thing is that Estonia is now very prosperous. The national debt is only 6%. Estonia is considered a high-income economy by the World Bank. The country is ranked 16th in the 2012 Index of Economic Freedom, with the freest economy in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union (see Wikipedia – which is well-sourced).

Godless Life

But the sad thing is that the great majority of Estonians are unbelievers. According to studies quoted by the Wikipedia article, on 16% of Estonians believe an ANY god, much less the God of the Bible. The largest religious group is Evangelical Lutheranism (14.6%).

Pray for Estonia, and pray for this blog. Thanks to the internet there are some people coming to The Recovering Legalist and hopefully reading about a God that love them and wants to offer them hope.

A Prayer

Lord, I am sure you are aware of the people of Estonia. I am sure you have sheep of your pasture in that little country. But dear Father, please send workers into that field who can bring more sheep into your Fold. May the Estonians see that a new life in You is nothing like the cold, lifeless religion so many hate. May they see Jesus.



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4 responses to “Estonia

  1. In high school, I had to do a report on Latvia, and I helped my friend prepare his report for Estonia. Both of these nations are more fascinating than most people would think, as you have shown here.

    For example, those countries own a lot of TV’s. It is nuts. I mean, way more than Americans! They love their TV’s over there!

    The things those countries had to endure during the last century are just amazing (and mostly not in a good way).

    • It’s when people in the West talk about how bad things are getting (and maybe they are) that I try to keep things in perspective by looking at countries like this. Even if our nation falls into total disarray, it would be a far cry from the hellish existence many in eastern Europe had to endure over the last 80 years.

  2. Oh no..I didn’t know such a country existed!

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