I Can’t Study Like This!

Evidently, I am a wimp.

Too Hot!

I will admit it. I can’t take the heat, so I am going to have to get out of the kitchen – literally.

The computer on which I normally write is in our kitchen. But as of yesterday, our air conditioning unit stopped working, and I can’t stand the heat.

It does make me feel a little embarrassed, I must say. Before the days of air conditioning our forefathers spent tireless hours in front of their computers, never complaining. They sat in log cabins, rode on horseback, and even fought off Indians as they blogged and worked on seminary projects online. What is my problem?

That does it. I am packing my essentials, such as a laptop, my iPhone4, and my double-walled, hand-blown glass tea cup and I am going to my office/study. At least there I can work with a window unit blowing on my head.

By the way, it’s so hot in our house, the Crisco melted. It’s time to go.



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3 responses to “I Can’t Study Like This!

  1. The heat has affected your brain. I am doubting that our forefathers spent tireless hours in front of their computers … BEFORE the days of air conditioning… Further, they may have sat in modern day log cabins and rode horseback if they are from Texas, but I am having my doubts if this would be the case if they were fighting the Indians and blogging at the same time… oh, and online seminary projects???

    I think we may need to go to a hotel and nurse you back to health!

  2. Ah boy, you have a way with words. That’s hilarious.

  3. Anonymous

    Our air goes out a few times every single summer. Yep, I feel your pain!

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