Proverbial Thought, etc.

Not a lot of time this week to write much. At least not at this point.

So, here’s just a quick thing or two:

1) Some of you may know that I am in graduate school. If you didn’t, then let me tell you, it ain’t easy, especially when you are working on multiple projects and pastoring a church. Did I mention I have a family?

Because of this, and because of a particular class I am about to take, I will be swamped. That may mean that “Monday Monkey” may have to go into “reruns,” or something. We’ll just have to see. At least I may make it “Every Other Monday Monkey.”

2) But here’s something new. Starting on April 1st, check out

Proverbial Thought will be an on-line daily devotion based on the book of Proverbs. Each day will be a new proverb and a new thought. And what’s more, it won’t be only me doing the writing. It will be a collaboration of several, if not many, insightful, mature Christians who can apply each proverb to our lives. I hope you will subscribe to it, then pass it on to others.

Have a great week, folks.


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3 responses to “Proverbial Thought, etc.

  1. Joe Quatrone, Jr.

    I understand busy. It is hard sometimes to find the time to do everything we want. While I am not pastoring a church, I am in seminary full time and raising a family. It must be difficult for you to find the time to stay on top of things. How many classes are you taking while pastoring a church and raising a family? It must be difficult.

  2. I will be following. I am praying for you and Valerie.

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