“Gasoline” Song


A couple of years ago, when gas prices were first getting out of control, I was inspired to write this song. It was never meant to be a serious recording. Now, the message of the song, even though it was meant to be a joke, is more true than ever.

What happened is this….

I was working on some drum kit sounds, when all of a sudden the beat brought out of me the word “gasoline.”  I just started singing it to myself, but then recorded it on top of the drums.  Before long, I had a whole choir of different voices which I made up just for fun.

Then, again for fun, I decided to add the lead vocal. I do not consider myself a rapper, nor do others. All I did was make up the words on the spot just to go along with what was already recorded. I did not intend to write a song.

The Rest of the Story

Since I recorded this, only for fun, I have gotten a lot of laughter, but a few sneers. Most people understand that your typical Baptist preacher doesn’t go around singing songs like this (It ain’t Southern Gospel or Praise and Worship).  On the other hand, there are a few “legalists” out there who think that because this song does not reference any doctrinal truth, it is garbage and detrimental to my testimony.   For some reason, Christians can’t say, “Ooo baby!” I am sorry they feel that way. I was thinking of my wife when I sang this. She’s MY baby, so THERE.

Lighten up and have a little fun!

Sometimes the only way to deal with sorrow and pain in this world is to laugh in its face. Even when the pain is so bad you can hardly bear it, laugh anyway. Those who can’t laugh lose hope. Even though we may not have much hope of gasoline prices ever coming down again, we can still have hope in the Lord. In all things “praise the Lord,” and just laugh.  What have you got to lose, but a frown?

Click here for the “Gasoline” song 01 Gasoline

Please, respond and let me know what you think. Share it if you would like. It is copy-written, though, so if you make money with it, please remember I have a wife and kids (and know a lawyer or two).


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3 responses to ““Gasoline” Song

  1. Dude if the preaching thing dont workout. You can rap love it i need me some “gasoline”.

  2. Deb Wallace

    I love it. It is a wonderful song and I shared your blog with some friends. I just wanted to express how I truly appreciate your blog. It uplifts me every time I read it. I really am thankful to know you and your wonderful family.
    Thank you Rev Baker

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