A Song for Bus Drivers: “The School Bus Man Can”

There may be other songs out there that are dedicated to school bus drivers, but I decided to do my own, “The School Bus Man Can.”

Several years ago, as the school year was coming to a close, a video was put together to share with all the drivers in the county. The person putting the video together asked if anyone had any music they would like played in the background.  I said, “I DO!

You see, a few weeks earlier I had sat down with my 8-track digital recorder and put together an ode to bus drivers. I even enlisted the help of my two girls (they sang backup and made all the noise). It wasn’t meant to be taken seriously; however, within it were certain elements of truth.

A particular part of the song that needs a little explanation is the ending.  This is a true story.

One day, just when the morning routes were coming to an end, a desperate call came over the 2-way radio.  At first, it didn’t make sense, or at least it didn’t seem like much about which to be concerned. All of a sudden, like the moment you realize the unbelievable is real, the subject of the distressing radio transmission becomes painfully obvious – someone has got to go to the bathroom – and she is letting the whole world hear about it.

Folks, here is a lesson for you: when you have to go “potty,” keep it to yourself!

The funniest thing, a moment of “No she didn’t say that,” was when the dispatcher asked for the unit number of the bus calling in. The dispatcher asks, “What number is this?” Honest as a heart attack, the person on the other end of the radio says, “Number ONE! Not TWO! I gotta go PEE! PLEASE let me go PEE!!”  If I’m lying, I’m dying.

I hope you enjoy this. Feel free to pass it on. I can’t make anything off of it anyway, you know. Sammy Davis, Jr. might come back an haunt me.

Click here to listen The School Bus Man Can

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One response to “A Song for Bus Drivers: “The School Bus Man Can”

  1. ROFL. That song was hilarious.

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