A Lesson in the Snow

Maybe, just maybe, if you were living it up somewhere in Al Gore’s Tropicana, you did not notice the snow in Tennessee. Just this week we had more snow than any time since 1993. As a matter of fact, I slid down a hill on an inflatable sled for the first time ever. Not only did we get snow for Christmas, but no sooner than schools go back after Christmas break this snow comes and cancels classes for another week. Terribly unusual, I must say; but fun, I DO declare!

Time to get out in the snow!

After a day in the house watching all the four-wheel-drive trucks go by, however, I decided it was time to be a man. There was no reason for me to stay indoors while so many others were risking their lives and asking for an insurance claim, so to “The Ride” I went. I figured that there was no reason to fear the snow when I had an automobile with front-wheel-drive and an American V8 sitting under the hood. It was time for my family and I to go to Wal-Mart – even if we didn’t need anything – just to prove we could.


"Global Warming - Cadillac Style"

When I got to my car (The Ride), it was covered in snow 7 inches deep. It was beautiful! I hated to clean it off; but in order to go somewhere, the snow had to be removed from the windshield, at least. I walked around my black Cadillac, and as I did, I pulled out my iPhone 4 and took this picture. I call it, “Global Warming – Cadillac Style.” It was when I started knocking off the heavy, beautiful snow that a verse of Scripture came to mind…


Isa 1:18 KJV – Come now, and let us reason together, saith the LORD: though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool.

Now, sin is not described as black in this verse, but as “scarlet.” There is a really good reason for that, but in this case I just thought of how white my black car had become. If my car had been scarlet, crimson, or whatever, it was now as white as it could be…white as snow….at least on top.

Isn’t it wonderful how God can use such a simple little thing like cleaning the snow off your car to remind you of a profound truth? The great thing about God’s forgiveness, the forgiveness made possible by Jesus’ death and resurrection, is that it doesn’t just cover our sin with a layer of goodness – it cleanses us “from all unrighteousness” (1 John 1:9). That snow was beautiful, but underneath there was still a black car. Covering my car with snow made it white, just like doing good deeds can make us look pure and holy. Problem is, good works don’t change the color of the paint.

Real change takes place below the surface.

The difference between the forgiveness of God and snow is that salvation changes the color underneath. “Though your sins be as scarlet, they shall BE WHITE AS SNOW.” That’s a statement describing fundamental change, not a layer of frozen condensation. If you have never been forgiven of your sin, then at best you are just covered in a 7-inches of white that will one day melt. Why not let Jesus take your crimson-stained heart and make it new; make it “white as snow?”  That’s real change – Jesus Style.

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One response to “A Lesson in the Snow

  1. Valerie

    Very deep (probably deeper than the snow) thinking! It amazes me at how God uses little things everyday that allow the Holy Spirit to talk to us.

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