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The Illustrious Employments of Doctor Baker

Dear wonderful friends,

Please give me your opinion about something.

What would spark your interest…what would make you want to pick it up a book about my career choices?

It’s going to be a memoir, of sorts. But more than that, it’s a story of how the jobs I worked contributed to and made a way for what I am doing today.

Sound boring?

Fun facts:

  • I’ve held jobs in approximately 10 different industries
  • Licensed or certified in at least 5 different industries
  • I’ve nearly been crushed, shot, and bitten.
  • I’ve crawled under haunted houses, been stuck in killer radiation, and stared down hundreds of poisonous spiders.
  • I’ve worked in every form of weather, dodged multiple tornadoes, and done six-wheel drifts in a school bus full of elementary children.
  • I’ve built things, destroyed things, repaired things, designed things, and killed things.
  • All total, unless I’ve missed something, I’ve had 50 jobs, and I’m just 53.
  • And now I am the 50th pastor of a 230-year-old church, and this is my 50th job!

More than just a collection of stories arranged in chronological order, I want this to be an ode to those who are in bi-vocational ministry. I want it to encourage the idea that all work is “sacred.” I want it to be a testimony to how God can use whatever we do to prepare us for the next step or the next call to ministry.

Would you think it interesting enough to read?

What if it was full of crazy stories, funny stories, heartfelt stories, etc.?

How do you think it should be arranged? What kind of format?

As a preacher, I really don’t need a book of illustrations – I have lived the illustrations!

What should be the ultimate connecting theme?

What are your thoughts?

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