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Prayers for Boston and America

April 15, 2013

The question of who is responsible will be debated for a while until all the details come out. Initial reports will place blame everywhere. The government, sadly, will probably use the sad event to push forward some new restriction on freedom as they it blames its adversaries. Of course, there will be floods of conspiracy theories. But what we should do now is pray.

Pray? Yes, pray.

Some of us may be able to immediately assist with the wounded in Boston. Others will need to track down those responsible for this cowardly act of murder (and terror). All of us will need to be a little/lot more vigilant. Yet, we still need to pray.

Some of you may not believe in God, and that’s your right. In that case, just sit back and contemplate the whole situation for a while. Dwell on the goodness of humanity and the innate love within all mankind. Then, meditate on the wonders of relativistic morality and rights of those who feel oppressed to act out bombastic rage. While your at it, blame all of this on religion. [See NOTE below] The rest of us need to pray.

Pray for wisdom. Pray for open eyes. Pray for those who are wounded. Pray for the families of those wounded and killed. Pray for the safety of those searching through the rubble for more explosives. Pray for the innocent, that they will not be blamed in an attempt to force an agenda. Pray for changed hearts.

Pray. Pray for boldness, for courage, and for endurance. Pray for the strength not to yield to those who want us to hide and cower in a corner. Pray for renewed awareness that there are enemies of freedom and peace. Pray for clarity to understand who the enemy is.

And while you are praying, on behalf of your nation, before a Holy God, confess and repent. Then, as so many of our fathers have done before us, we can pray with a clearer conscience, “God bless America!

NOTE: Any notion that I have attempted to label atheists as terrorists in paragraph four is misguided. I am sure there are terroristic atheists just as much as there are terrorists who kill in the name of any number of gods, but I am not labeling all atheists as terrorist any more than I would label all deists terrorists. The accusation that I would do so is silly. However, my apologies go out to all of the atheists who might have been offended by any offhanded or unintentional mischaracterization.


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