It’s a Sad, Sad Day for Afghanistan…and the Whole Region

Let’s get straight to the point without worrying about font size, layout, or pictures.

I think it’s a sad, sad day for the people of Afghanistan. Unfortunately, it seems the sorrow is only going to deepen and spread thanks to the IDIOTIC and FOOLHARDY announcement that our soldiers are going to leave, and when.

What are we doing? Are we wanting a THIRD conflict? Do we need to bring this one to an end so that the current administration can get their street cred for declaring their own moral outrage?

I can’t help but think of all the blood that has been pour out and splattered across the sands. What a waste! A WASTE! What will have been gained? What will have been accomplished, especially if the Taliban goes right back to their old ways of hardline Sharia law and befriending those who want to bring Western Civilization to its knees?

As I watch the whole country succumb to the Taliban, I can’t help but wonder why and how? Not only why would we let this happen, but how on earth are they still capable of regaining so much so quickly?

Whatever the case, the re-implementation of radical Islamic rule will bring uncertainty and instability to the whole region – again. And what I fear is that neighboring places like Pakistan will find themselves having to deal with increased threats, more emboldened radicalism, and the inevitable loss of innocent life.

Because who’s gonna stop them?


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6 responses to “It’s a Sad, Sad Day for Afghanistan…and the Whole Region

  1. The USA should have tried to leave 10 years ago.. And when the Taliban came out of the woodwork they should have been shot down like dogs.. And then a year later, try to leave again and at the last moment when a few more Taliban come out to take over shoot them down like dogs..

    The ONLY solution now really is to drop another 5K of troops and slaughter the Taliban as they run from town to town. Even if it means 6 or 7 troops are on a roof top in a dozen locations or more for a few weeks camped out taking turns raiding and killing the Taliban..

    The real problem is Bigotry. Because Leaders think people are zero’s they don’t care if terrorists take over… its why there are 70-80 shootings in Chicago on a weekend..

    Anyways, Hope you are doing well.. My prayers are with you..

    • You know, sometimes I have a little difficulty understanding your comments because they are pretty detailed and sometimes kinda confusing. I don’t mean to offend, so please forgive me if I do. It’s just you’re a pretty intense guy, you know 😉
      But when it comes to this comment, I understand you completely and completely agree. Totally. What separates us, still, from our forefathers is the willingness to go “total war” on an enemy.

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  3. August was a very hard month for me and many fellow Marine vets; thanks for this post

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