Make it a Thankful Thursday!

We have so many things to be thankful to God for, but so often all we can think about are the things we think we need, the situations we want to change, or the pains we want to go away.

You do realize, don’t you, that if all you think about are the “prayer requests” and not the praises, then you may come to think that the One you pray to is failing you.

Flip the script on this beautiful Thursday and praise God for even the most mundane things!

Think about it, where would you be today if you didn’t have running water? Are you thankful for it, or do you simply take it for granted?

Air conditioning?


More than one meal, and leftovers to boot?

Friends, we are FAR more blessed than we even comprehend, yet so often we act like God doesn’t know we exist, or at least rarely hears our prayers.

God is good all the time! And, say it with me….

“All the time God is good!”

Seriously, if only today, with your voice say out loud “Thank you” to God for everything that comes to mind. Praise Him for even the simple things, like, “Lord, that is a beautiful tree…you did such a wonderful job on that one.”

Do this just today and then let me know if your mood stays the same.

God bless (even more than He already has)!


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