Preaching for the EARLY Service in Pakistan

I hope every one is doing well on this sunny Wednesday afternoon in Georgia! I know some of you have snow and rain, but for now it’s in the high 40’s and bright and sunny where I am at.

I just wanted to take a moment to share some photos of what I did this past Sunday morning – I preached in Pakistan!

For those of you who don’t know, I do my best to help support a worthy ministry in Pakistan and my pastor friend, Victor Sammuel. I will tell you more in a future post.

Anyway, this past Sunday morning I was able to speak to Victor’s congregation during their morning worship service – at 1 a.m.! Talk about an “early service”!

And what is awesome is that I was asked to preach each Sunday morning the rest of this month!

But this is more than simply live-streaming our regular services at church. This is me speaking live to a group of Christians in a Muslim nation where persecution is common (even expected) and the average wage of a teacher in a Christian school is $60 a month (more about that later, too).

I would just encourage you to pray for me and for this congregation as I preach and teach God’s Word to a congregation who genuinely want to hear whatever I have to say.

And the topic they want to hear me speak on the most? The Rapture.

At 1 o’clock in the morning?

Praying for the congregation at the end of the sermon. The microphone is close to the phone.
Pastor Victor Sammuel interpreting.


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4 responses to “Preaching for the EARLY Service in Pakistan

  1. Keeping you, the other pastor, and the congregation in prayers.

  2. I have a theory about the “rapture”. I don’t think it will be like what people think it will be like. There is a disconnect. We meet him in the air. Then what? float around? Why do people ignore what Jesus said. He goes to prepare a place for us. And a New Jerusalem will land on a new earth. So it seems to me, That we got kicked out of the garden, the garden is now in the new Jerusalem, Abraham was looking for a continuing city. That city likely existed 7000 years ago and that is where the garden went. So at some point we will return to that city in the air. Total star trekie. And it may be like the crossing of the Jordan. People start disappearing going to this ship the size of the moon 1500 miles cubed and people say no, I am not going. And those people will not enter into his rest.

    This kingdom is not of this world.

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