I Hate Blocks

Dear friends, I want to copy a post so that I can republish it. I want the original to stay where it is, but a new one to be published. Does that make sense?

That is what I have been doing with the posts at ProverbialThought.com.

But now, because of this new and “wonderful” block editor, I cannot figure out how to do what I need. And when I try to go back to the traditional editor (the one that worked well for me for 10 years), all I do is click on the option, but nothing happens.

I hate block. I don’t care how many more features this system offers! I never asked for it. I was happy with what I was using. It worked. It allowed me to become the blogger I am… I was.

One of the reasons I have not been blogging of late – even though I have a lot I could be writing about, especially my daughter’s wedding last week – is this new editor! Did I mention that I hate it?


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7 responses to “I Hate Blocks

  1. I’m with you, Anthony. But there is a simple solution. Go to your WordPress Admin site. Click on ALL Posts>Go to the top of the page>Click on the down arrow next to Posts Add New>Click on Classic Editor.

    I’m too old to learn a new system.


  2. Longtime follower , but I also work at Automattic ( WordPress.com )

    Happy to answer questions if you have some. For the exact thing you are referring to, here’s a screenshot of how to copy a post: https://d.pr/i/Lpx8DN

    It hasn’t changed in the new editor.

  3. And the best thing you can do is ask! If you have an upgrade, you’ve got direct support included and, if not, the forums are active and helpful with both volunteers and WordPress.com Staff. In addition to what Andrew suggested, you can also copy a post directly in the MySite Posts dashboard. Click on the three dots at the right of a Post title and in the drop down menu you’ll see “Copy Post”. That will open the Editor with the text of the copied post. If you don’t want to edit in the Block Editor, just save it and then flip over to WP Admin and Edit in Classic Editor. Hope that also helped.

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