What Were You Expecting, Shakespeare and Milton?

The … ummm … Debate?

I watched it, the first shouting and arguing match between to grown males. It wasn’t a “presidential” debate because there was little if nothing presidential about it.

But I sat through the whole thing. I sat through every interruption by Donald Trump and every name-calling response from Joe Robinette (that’s his middle name, if you didn’t know). And because I sat through the whole thing, like eating too many greasy hamburgers the night before, I woke up nauseated.

Winners & Losers

Simply put, there were no clear winners last night, except maybe the demonic forces whose leathery, flapping wings fanned the flames. POTUS was consistent  with his message and policies, never wavering on his mission; VP Biden was present and accounted for, maybe even on a little meth (just kidding).

Frankly, I can’t blame Trump for coming out of his corner like a bat out of hades (that’s a figure of speech because, as far as I’ve read, there are no bats in Hell). For the last four years he has had to put up with attack after attack after attack from the likes of Biden, and so the one made famous for saying “You’re fired!” fired salvo after salvo at the USS Sleepy.

But as for “Come’on, man!” Biden, the bar had been set so low for him that just being able to complete a sentence after an hour was a shock to Republicans and Democrats alike. No one I spoke with thought Biden would be able to survive 3 minutes in the ring with Trump. Yet, even after multiple haymakers to the jaw, Biden was still standing at the end and it was Trump who was flustered.

However, the real losers were the two parties, the American people, and every parent who’s tried to instill in their children a sense of decorum and grace under pressure.

The Lesson

Sure, I suppose there are many lessons we could learn from last nights fiasco. Once could be: Never ask Chris Wallace to babysit your pit bulls. Another might be: What did you expect? Shakespeare? Milton? This was Reality Trump and Plagiarizing Biden.

But the big lesson is one that every voter should remember, especially since last night exposed the raw humanity of these two men can be found in the following verse from Psalm 20:

“Some trust in chariots, and some in horses: but we will remember the name of the LORD our God.” – Psalm 20:7

Whether chariots or horses, elephants or jackasses (sorry, donkeys), only God can get us out of the mess we are in right now. 


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10 responses to “What Were You Expecting, Shakespeare and Milton?

  1. Here is the problem. the Moderator stood by while Biden said some serious things from Racist to tax cheat to being a supporter of the KKK and a liar on everything and a killer of American people. Not only that He has adds up saying Trump called Soldiers Losers when it was actually Biden who did that.
    Add to that, Trump knows that Biden is a cold hard criminal corruptly getting his son billions of dollars from Russia, China and the Ukraine. AND that Biden and Obama and Hillary put together the coined “Insurance Plan” to get Trump out if Hillary lost by accusing him of colluding with Russia. Hillary hired two men who were russians to make up a story and then give it to Englands intelligence agency suggesting Trump had nasty things in the closet that Russia had over him and so Trump was colluding with Russia to keep it quiet. They got FISA warrants using this false information (steel documents) and then by that the FBI spied on his campaign DURING the election and AFTER.

    So if you caught that bit about a peaceful transfer of Power, Trump of course will consed if there is a loss for him but this Idea that Democrats can lecture him about a peaceful transfer of Power Puts Steam in Trumps Boiler.

    I saw Trump lambaste Hillary once in this Dinner and I was shocked, but what people didn’t know at the time was Hillary was smiling at him while secretly putting a knife in his back. But Trump knew. He was sitting by a hardened criminal. And Biden is in that same batch of sours. Literally Garbage People using the Gov’t to get rich. doing Quid Pro Quo but accusing others that they are doing it.

    So, Trump will not stand a second even if a question is being asked if there is a slight. If there is a Lie, if there is a bad characterization. He just wont stand for it. And that makes for some Bitter politics.

    STILL it was Biden who told Trump to shut up because Trump wouldn’t let the corruption go. His son getting money from Gov’ts so they will get favours from the USA. this goes on all over the place. This really is what the swamp is all about. And rightly all Hell should break loose about this. While Trump may not be the Most Presidential, He doesn’t like corruption. He had to work for his money all his life where these guys steal it from tax payers. That is why that was a blood bath.

      • LoL. I think trump was trying to just let the liberals Be. Like Hillary, because before they were friends sort of. Even after her back stabbing very criminal corruption and use of Police to actually harm others for political purposes.
        I think Trump was trying his hardest just to let it go. talking tuff but letting it slide. But, as things come out and things are said, he does have a ego. Biden saying things about Trump now may backfire and trump may tell His people in Law enforcement. Indite them all. pry open every account, And put them in Jail.

        Some times these white collar criminals are some of the biggest back stabbing dangerous people.
        It will be good for America if this is what it take for Trump to say enough is enough. Heads will roll and it will hit both parties. Then Lobbying rules will change and Election financing rules will change and people will not be able to receive gifts from Russian Mayors or Jet fighter Manufactures or Oil companies. Then the People will not have Politicians indebted to these companies. Getting rid of Pay to play will really help America.

  2. Debate is not Trump’s skill. That doesn’t negate the fact that Biden is the most awful human since Johnson, and is probably worse.

    Elections don’t rise and fall on a debate. People are either right or left and that doesn’t change much.

    People who are leftist will vote for Joe no matter what.

    People on the right will vote a straight ticket.

    The middle ground is the fantastic inroads Trump has made in the Black community.

    The DEMs are afraid of that.

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