Racial Reconciliation: It Starts Like This – With Jesus

Today I had a beautiful and powerful conversation with a fellow pastor and fellow TBS (Temple Baptist Seminary) grad, Rev. Kenneth E. Ware of New Sholar Avenue Baptist Church, Chattanooga.

Below is a link to the conversation we had.

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10 responses to “Racial Reconciliation: It Starts Like This – With Jesus

  1. And the link would be where?

  2. That was really awesome, Anthony! You guys did well. Love that, “it’s a Biblical agenda” and how the cure for what ails us isn’t political, it’s spiritual. We need Jesus! Also, love that focus on reconciliation, restoration. That can be a sticky one, we people often want to “fix” things, but restoration is not really in our hearts, so reconciliation is not part of the equation . Well if it’s not part of the equation, it’s not going to show up in the solution, either.

    One of my favorite things in the Bible, it says to “preserve” the unity. Unity in Jesus Christ is a given, it’s a done deal! It’s a gift, He gave it to us. We just need to “preserve it.”

    I also like how Kenneth mentioned Jesus probably wouldn’t deal with the world, He’d address the church. The church is where it needs to happen. Everybody always wants to change the world, nobody ever wants to change themselves.

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