Hobbies Funding Hobbies

It has been a great day. What you are looking at is the result of one hobby funding another hobby. That’s a great way to do things, right?

To begin, the watch on the right is a Russian-made 17-jewel manual wind Vostok I picked up in Hungary back in 1992 (paid $50, which was way too much back then). But ever since the band broke, I haven’t worn it in 25 years! You guys helped pick out the strap 🙂

On the left is a piece I’ve been planning at some point to purchase (when I lost 10 pounds). However, this Casio MDV106-1AV (Duro) was sitting in the case at Walmart with a “clearance” sticker on it. It normally goes from 50-70 dollars, but they were only asking $35 for it! For the uninitiated, this is a must-have basic dive watch (200 meter rating) that one of the the richest men in the world (Bill Gates) wears.

Long story concluded, I sold some art I did that paid for both the watch and the strap, with $6.80 left over!

After a beggar outside Walmart got the $.80 from me, I wound up making a couple of dollars and now have two more wearable watches in my amateur collection 🙂

I like having hobbies! 😁👏🏻 Now all I need to do is sell enough art to buy a Grand Seiko.

Yeah, maybe I ought to stick with little Seikos 😉


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15 responses to “Hobbies Funding Hobbies

  1. When i am in the mood to give to a beggar, I generally give them $50 or $100. chump change is what I spend on a coffee for myself. And I don’t wear watches.
    As for art. I sell my heart, my construction abilities every day. So in theory I have been unemployed.self employed for over 25 years. And I never starved.

    • The man asked for change. I reached in my pocket and pulled out what I had. Should I have asked to co-sign on a loan for him?

      I’ve spent far more than $.80 on strangers who asked for money. But instead of handing over a few bills, I pray with them and then go buy what it is they say they need. When they balk, then I say, “Sorry, I’m not going to find your habit or addiction.”

      • https://www.durham.ca/en/regional-government/camp-samac-supporting-unsheltered-residents.aspx
        Bothered by the lack of help for the homeless, I was pushing people to help and made a strategy and presented it to the mayor and to pastors and community leaders. And within 6 months, they did something.
        Most people who have serious addictions can be seen from a mile away. But I wouldn’t say smoking is a reason not to help a guy out. His failures may be one part of why he or she is poor. mental illness. despair, bad luck and depression. And for some reason their pretend lap top will not plug in under the bridge for them to make their resume. If they are not caught on the way down the bottom is way down, and not a life lesson for them. Its for us to prevent. I encouraged a plan and there is one in Durham. gifts to the poor are to alleviate the stuck-ness and possibly a bit of hunger. But real action is where it is at.

  2. Give the beggar at least enough for a burger!

  3. I am a watch guy so I really liked this. Also, good to read something that isn’t about all of the problems in the world for a change.

  4. Vostok watch is the one that currently i am looking for to buy! Kommandirskie looks great, value for money and rich in history behind it.

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