Healing River is Here!

Hey folks, may I encourage you to check out my friend Mitch Teemley and give some serious thought about watching his movie this week?

Mitch is a Christian blogger, but he’s also a movie guy – like as in making them, not just watching (like the rest of us). I’m going to watch it this week with my wife, then I’m going to share my honest thoughts about it.

Let’s all watch it and give God the glory for what he’s doing through our brother in Christ, Mitch!

God bless you, my friend! Maybe He will even throw in an Oscar 🙂

Mitch Teemley

A Filmmaker’s Journal

Healing River PosterHealing River, a feature film I wrote and directed (originally titled Over-the-Rhine) has just premiered on Amazon Prime–and right on time for your weekend Movie Night! (Even if you’re not a Prime member you can watch it by clicking on the link below.) Winner of over twenty film festival awards, nominations and selections, Healing River is a powerful inspirational story about “forgiving the unforgivable.” You can watch the trailer now, and then watch (or order a copy of) the movie by clicking here.

Watch the Trailer!

Two Ways You Can Help Promote Healing River:

  1. Watch it, and then take a moment to review it on Amazon* (this will greatly increase its priority order and visibility there).

  2. Go to the Healing River FacebookPage and click to Share the Trailer on your Facebook page.

I and Healing River’s other creators believe in what it…

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2 responses to “Healing River is Here!

  1. My wife and I watched it over the weekend and left a review. Mitch and all the rest did a great job on this movie. Well worth seeing.

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