“Faith Over Fear” Cross

This is from my photo blog. In one of the pictures you can actually see the church I pastor from the front porch of our parsonage. I love living here 🙂

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A Cross Trend

Not too long ago a lady put up a cross in her front yard, wrapped it with Christmas lights, and wrote on it, “FAITH OVER FEAR.”

She posted a picture of it on Facebook and before she knew it the idea took off. Now, at least in our area, there’s a community Facebook page solely devoted to pictures of crosses people have put in their yards.

My Version

It was no time until I started getting requests for me to put up a cross. People in my congregation messaged me, even my wife asked me, and so I was happy to join in with the movement.

I didn’t have any 2×4’s or the like, but I did have some decent particle board. And since I couldn’t drive it into the ground in my yard, I used zip ties to attach it to a column on our front…

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4 responses to ““Faith Over Fear” Cross

  1. That is really cool! Praise the Lord for giving you such a nice place to live, too! That’s awesome.

    A few years back I was really wrestling with fear and so I bought a light up cross at Walmart for my front porch. It’s supposed to be a Christmas decoration, but I don’t care, I leave it up all year. So hubby wanted me to have something nicer and so he found this cross made out of welded horse shoes. I love it, it’s the coolest thing ever! But it’s just too nice to put outside, so it’s on my wall in the living room. It’s pretty heavy so we had some fun trying to make sure it was mounted to some studs and wouldn’t fall off and brain anybody. 🙂

    • Yes, we are tremendously blessed to be here. And yeah, since Jesus died on the cross for you, no need in yours falling on your head.

      • I really love crosses. I have made it through some tough times by just looking up and boom, right in the middle of no where, I suddenly spied a cross. It’s as if they were put there just for me, for that very moment. When you don’t see them very often, when they are unusual, you really learn how to value the symbolism and the fellowship, the awareness that there are other Christians in the world.

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