Kumusta, Philippines!

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I’ve never been to the Philippines, but I know people who have. As a matter of fact, my daughter was planning on going there several years ago, but then there was a tsunami.

Just recently I saw in the news that the President of the Philippines was going to kick the U.S. military out of the country, because America is “rude.” I hate that. I hope it doesn’t happen. Think of all our nations have been through together! Our military and our people still think of the sacrifices you made during WW2. Thank you!

I don’t know who in the Philippines reads my blog. Maybe they just stumble upon it. But to whomever you are, thank you for stopping by. It’s an honor.

May God bless your country with peace!

Anthony Baker (The Recovering Legalist)


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5 responses to “Kumusta, Philippines!

  1. I know a guy who went to Tennessee Temple for a few years and he’s in the Philippines now.

    Let’s just say IFBism didn’t stick.

  2. Kamusta rin! Actually, like you, I’m also upset of the decision to terminate the Visiting Forces Agreement (the Mutual Defence Treaty is still intact) just because of some whimsical reasons as reported in media. There were issues though e.g. troop conduct but the positives of the VFA outweighs the negatives. For one, the training received. Two, technical support in an armed conflict and other operations. Three, as a deterrent of further encroachment to the claimed islands in the West Philippine Sea. There are many to count but these are the ones I’m highlighting.

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