What’s Your Pet’s Name and Why?

What is your dog’s name? 

For some reason, I’m feeling like there’s the possibility of something profound in this question. I don’t know why. Prohound? I don’t know.

Anyway, if you have a canine member of your family, what did you name it, and why?

My dog has several names, and there’s a legitimate reason for each.

  • George Boogidee Baker
    • George, because he’s named after the first dog I had when I first moved out of my parent’s house. That George was named after the name the Abominable Snow Man gave both Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck: “I will love him and hug him and pet him…” etc.
    • Boogidee, because he needed a middle name, and that’s something I called him in the mornings when I woke him up. It just came to me.
    • Baker, because he’s part of the family.
  • Dark Paw
    • That’s his Native American name. You know, since I have Cherokee heritage.
    • He has one dark paw.
  • R.R. 
    • Pronounced Aaarrr Aaarrr.
    • This is his Pirate name.
    • Came from when my wife said he looked like a racing rat when he was sleeping next to me.
    • We also have a deacon whose name is L.H., so having an RR around kinda fits.

OK, I don’t want to be prejudiced, even though I prefer dogs over iguanas. But if you have another kind of inferior pet, you can get in on this discussion, too.

Pet names for your spouse or significant other doesn’t count.


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3 responses to “What’s Your Pet’s Name and Why?

  1. Terrier mix: Seymour Seamus McFly Klem
    Mini-Aussie: Steve McQueen “Mickey” Klem

    Seymour: Because he looks a little like Fry’s dog from “Futurama”, and came to that name.
    Seamus Mcfly: Because I love “Back to the Future”, too, and Seamus is his “pet name” when I feel extra loving. Also, I can yell out “Muck-Fly!” like the boss from 2 when Seymour is not paying attention to my calls.

    Steve McQueen: As a puppy (and, honestly, still), he tried escaping from everything, making several daring and even great escapes. And he chases motorcycles.
    Mickey: It is short for McQueen. And he is black amd white.

    Klem: They are part of the Fam-bam.

    We also call them Nuggets, Beans, Poopers, Poopies, Rascals, Old Man (Seymour) and Lil’ Pup (Mickey, even though he is bigger in size but because he is younger), Big Guy (Seymour) and Sir Licksalot (Mickey; you can probably guess why), Curmudgeon (Seymour) and Dr. Love (Mickey). Once I called them Scrooge and Cratchit.

  2. Yorkiepooh: Rascal
    That was the name given to him by the breeder and we kept it because he is a rascal. We also call him monkey butt (no idea where that came from) and fluff muffin.

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