Winnowing and Wevamping the Widgets

OK, so “wevamping” isn’t technically a word, but using a “w” instead of an “r” was, in my opinion, a clever choice.

But yes, I have been doing some work on the widgets in the right and left toolbars.

Honestly, I think I have too many of them, and I really like the clean look that some of you have on your blogs. But dang! There’s just too much I want to say, and I can’t trust you to go looking below the surface to find stuff you didn’t even know was there in the first place!

Sorry, that last sentence was a rambling mess. Don’t grade me.

One widget that I used for just a minute was the one that showed my “Community.” Umm, no. Once I started clicking on the avatars of people who’ve visited and “liked” my posts, I started seeing things I didn’t exactly want to make available to the public. I mean, seriously, if you are into polyamory and BDSM, read my blog all you want (please read!), but I can’t make it easy for people to access that stuff.

Good grief!

Anyway, it’s still a work in progress, but I did add a couple of things. First, I added audio links to two songs I wrote and recorded. Second, I added a widget that will take you directly to the page that I use to host my current sermon audio.

So, have a great day, stay safe, love your family, and love God!


Oh, and George says “Howllo!”

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