Reprove the Reprovable

Just a thought from Proverbs. Tonight we are studying chapter 9 at church (Wednesday night). My prayer is that I will always be teachable, but also able to distinguish between those who are and those who aren’t. Time is too valuable to waste it on the foolish who don’t even care.

Proverbial Thought

Proverbs 9:8 

“Reprove not a scorner, lest he hate thee: rebuke a wise man, and he will love thee.”

A Little Irony

In one way it seems counter-intuitive to be told not to reprove someone, but that is exactly what Solomon is saying. Some people refuse to be corrected.

It not only seems counter-intuitive, but ironic. Why would the “wise man” need to be rebuked? Shouldn’t we be rebuking the fool? It’s almost crazy, isn’t it? Don’t correct the fool, but do correct the wise: maybe we should dig into this a little further.

The Scorner

Let’s think about the scorner for a moment. Gesenius described the scorner as one who derides and mocks, maybe even by “imitating [the reprover’s] voice in sport.” In other words, the scorner could be thought of as someone who, when corrected, comes back with a “nah nah nah nah boo boo, I can’t…

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4 responses to “Reprove the Reprovable

  1. youre not going to like this. Read your Op then thought of it, thought of who this described. I know a couple women in this category but of all people this matched up with was Pastors. The untouchable. You couldn’t tell them anything they don’t already know. And your views just don’t matter. they will do it their way anyways. Told you, you wouldn’t like it. LoL.

  2. Actually he only says not to reprove a scorner…

  3. Evolution, between you and Angel, I get enough reproof and rebuke to last a lifetime. Yet, I keep coming back for more 🙂

    • LoL. I wasn’t speaking about you specifically. look at it this way. Unlike some, I just see you as a normal person If I thought you though yourself as better than others because of a position you fill on behalf of God and the church, I would have just prayed for God to delegate the job to someone else. I banter back and forth with you because I obviously do not think you think yourself as better. Unfortunately a lot of clergy have missed James 2. etc. And the higher people get in the food chain the bigger the chip on the shoulder.

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