The Better Question

When looking for answers to our problems, many times we ask the question, “What would Jesus do?”

A better question might be, “What did Jesus do?”

“But we preach Christ crucified…” – 1 Corinthians 1:23


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15 responses to “The Better Question

  1. I fully agree. WWJD or WDJD more specifically helps us understand what Normal is.
    The question might be, Why don’t we see it as normal or do the things he did already. For example:

    Jesus organized outreach, sent out people to set up for him to come in to town.
    Jesus saw people hungry and fed them.
    Jesus opposed those who avoid responsibility by justifying themselves. (who is my neighbour)
    Jesus died for others, Jesus reached out to those who betrayed him. Jesus planned to succeed and accomplish religious goals with an agenda that included a group of disciples.
    Jesus helped some of the most vulnerable in society without contempt for them.
    Jesus saw the Poor as being more important than the rich.
    Jesus spent time with sinners.
    Jesus liked to walk. Jesus liked to travel. Jesus went to temple. Jesus spent time in his home town in spite of peoples contempt. Jesus had respect for the things of God.

    • That was a great comment! Except for only one itty bitty teeny weeny little sentence. Should I tell you which one I disagree with, or just let sleeping dogs lie, much like the cute little puppy currently on my lap? 🙂

      • evolution is a hoax

        I likely agree with you with what you disagree with about something in my comment. You know I don’t do a doctorate before posting a comment. And rarely proof read. So its very possible what I wrote looks different than what I thought.
        It doesn’t have to be big to disagree with. I already disagree with myself LoL. so have at it. I look in the mirror every day and see just a guy.

      • LOL! At least we are not confused about what we see in the mirror, right? 😂

      • evolution is a hoax

        I think Self esteem and vulnerability is a huge spiritual noose around our necks that 100% of people deal with in some fashion and the mind games trying to put ourselves in a pecking order is a broken system. A trial we should not show up for. I think the quick way is to accept the guilty plea and then give yourself a commuted sentence. If everything we see is an arrow, and every opposition a threat we cant be sane in the moment.
        The Anxiety created by fearing someone disagreeing is tiring. We all have it to some degree. I just think I can see the trigger and say, Oh, look my blood pressure went up or Ok, I am getting louder, or Oh, I am mad and want to respond, and say Oh, look at that. and leave it be.
        Its off topic, but I think Jesus and christianity should deal with this because it was one of the things Jesus had to deal with in others.
        What I should do is talk this through on my own to get the language to properly express the issue. Likely worth a book.

      • I can imagine that for you writing a book would take no time at all 😉

      • Seriously, if all you wrote was just off the cuff, it was very impressive. It really shows you have a strong grasp on biblical knowledge. I guess the one thing that piqued my attention was, and I paraphrase, “the poor more than the rich.” I do believe Jesus focused much of his ministry on and with the poor and outcast, but I don’t think it would be entirely accurate to say he preferred one over the other. Now, if you look into the teachings of one particular theology, the poor and the oppressed are given an inordinate amount of status, as if this is the primary group to whom Jesus came to save (ie., He came to set the captives free). But in all actuality, Jesus offered the same gift to everyone who would receive it, regardless of status, “for all have sinned and come short of the glory of God.” In other words, Jesus died to deliver Lydia just as much as Lazarus.

      • evolution is a hoax

        I have a few thoughts in reply, who knew!
        1) Jesus did prefer the poor because. a) the rich are self absorbed. So they think they justify themselves. So, its far harder for a rich person to trust in anyone other than themselves. One might say like trying to fit a cammel through the eye of the needle. Jesus did not think that of the poor.
        2) The Poor generally are poor not because they act against others to get rich and fail but live more honestly and will shrink back rather than push others out of the way. the contrite is far better in Gods eyes than the bully.
        3) the rich are stupid. They spend most of their lives trying to put bricks on a house built of manure while ignoring the sky scraper kingdom behind them that will last for eternity. So they spend their lives on themselves and on now. That said, some poor are as greedy and some times more, but not mentally capable or in a position to reach up and out. still patching up this body and these homes at the cost of spending your life for Christ is mental illness which a great number of rich people have. Its sort of a brain injury that Jesus talks about they built bigger barns thinking then after I will have money to help the kingdom, and few do, but most don’t. their lives are required of them before that happens.
        Being rich is literally stupidity. Christ knew it. Christ was born in a manger. Christ being stabbed and beaten on the cross saw that nothing they could do could harm him. They were not taking away anything valuable. He was in no danger and said, father forgive them.. those guys are stupid thinking this is something to preserve. -scotts revised version.
        fear the one who can send both body and spirit into hell.

        This is a huge topic, ties into self esteem, ties into a larger kingdom view, and dictated the very nature of the whole ministry of Jesus, playing it loose literally being care free eating from the sides of grain fields putting no confidence in the flesh or showing a desire to preserve it. He even taught about it in Matthew 6-7
        Jesus saw Rich people as dummies.

      • Brother, is it just possible I sense a little bitterness toward rich people? You do realize there were rich people who followed Jesus, don’t you? Yes, Jesus did focus most of His ministry toward the poor and common people. Yes, He was born in a manger. Yes, yes, yes. But don’t you think His ministry could be defined as a compare/contrast as opposed to a “one or the other”? At that time the religious elite were usually the more wealthy, too. And just like today, the wealthy are more likely to deny the true God and worship self, which is why it’s harder for them to accept forgiveness. But even though “blessed are the poor,” there are others “to whom much is given.” Jesus loves them all and shed His blood for rich and poor alike. Lydia was the first European convert, and she was very wealthy. Thank God for the tremendously-wealthy magi who visited Jesus as a young child. Thank God for the rich man’s loaned tomb! I don’t think Jesus saw the rich as “dummies” as much as He was angry with those who had so much, yet failed to praise the One who gave them the ability to acquire wealth…

        17And thou say in thine heart, My power and the might of mine hand hath gotten me this wealth.
        18 ¶ But thou shalt remember the LORD thy God: for it is he that giveth thee power to get wealth, that he may establish his covenant which he sware unto thy fathers, as it is this day. – Deuteronomy 8:17-18

      • evolution is a hoax

        Im not sure why the site does not put a reply under your comment so I could reply in order.
        Anyways, No bitterness. I count on the money of people for my business. I build homes. BUT, unlike many who are not commenting and are at work where I should be, I intentionally take a loss. I intentionally burn day light not doing my work, but see Gods work as more important. Another one like that was Paul, who made tents. I nor he nor others misunderstand the need to provide for oneself so the laundry can be done and the car insurance paid etc. BUT, Money and wealth, big houses are horse manure, not something to be desired.
        As for the society, I don’t know if we discussed this, but we live like frogs in water that is getting hotter and hotter so we do not see it coming on us. like Isaiah who was a man with unclean lips living among a people of unclean lips, the point being, he knew, he had a crack of light.
        Interest for example, is a tax, it is inflationary but one would fight for it because it funds our pensions. getting money for doing no work. Letting our money work for us. Its a topic Jesus had an issue with as well. Not just the money changers but those who oppress the poor don’t do it with a whip but with interest. Its why Israel ended up in Babylon. They did not learn from being in slavery.
        So, to cut it short, Landlording is a type of sin as is Interest. Any time we use another person for our gain we sin. Work on the other hand trades money. Getting mortgage and then using a person to pay it off is sin. We all do it. Its an act the society created, its been going on for thousands of years but as frogs we do not know enough to change Oppression and see it as normal.
        I know this is hard to get ones head around, but I have a crack of light, and as you mentioned, what is it that Jesus actually did. He forgave debt, he forgave sin, he opposed injustice, he did not build himself a physical kingdom but worked for a larger kingdom spending himself and loosing financially. He gave to crowds paying himself, HE taught about the good Samaritan himself, HE is that half breed, both Man and god coming to the rescue paying for the hotel stay promising to return and pay whatever else is needed. He is asking us to have that heart, not to have heart to get rich and pierce ourselves with sorrow. 1 Timothy 6:9/11

  2. Running the Race

    Excellent Anthony. When people try to determine what Jesus would do they are, more often than not, stating what they would do if they were Jesus. Or, perhaps more aptly, what Jesus would do if He were alive in 2019 and up to speed on what modern culture seems acceptable.

    Yes, I know Jesus is alive, just said that to make a point:)

  3. evolution is a hoax

    I was just thinking of how to answer the question the way you wanted me to answer it.
    What did you want in reply to WDJD. It makes me ask, to what end. to what end is christianity.
    I fear the the word of faith movement, the Kenneth Coplands, the Joel Osteens of this age has scraped a hole in Christianity such that WDJD is turned in to what can I get, seeing the cross as a windfall rather a payment of bail. Its my view the contrite nature of christianity has been out the window for a few hundred years. the John 3:14-15 is deleted the John 3;17-18 is deleted. the 1 Corinthians 6;9 and Matthew 6’s of the bible are deleted. The 1 Timothy 6’s are passed over and the Philippians 2’s and James 2’s seen as stupid christianity but this other sort of stuff is seen as smart christianity, and if we just use their formula Poof, we will be smart and successful. The Contempt these ones have Is the same we see in politics. Wow, Have I had my eyes open this last year and I thought I saw it before.
    Anyways, What is christianity anyways. What is the nature of it, and Jesus tells the story of Luke 10:25 we all know but do with actually hear what Jesus said about his reference to Deut 6;4-8 or Mark 12:30 OR 1 john 4:7-8 because we live in a society teaching that the gospel includes the American dream, we tune out love your neighbor and pass it over. we pass over that the Law is fulfilled in one word, not ended, but explained with one word. The nature of Christianity is to return to God to close the gap, to have Jesus post the bail and for us to die, to drown ourselves in baptism and be born anew to be Christ like, back to what the Law was trying to conform us too, this better self, this godly set apart self , who is not conformed to the world and the patterns of this world. Jesus walked this earth as a crazy man. Dumb in the worlds eyes focuses on other things,
    The Question is asked, What did Jesus Do? He didn’t do anything like what this society is doing.

    • You don’t know how much I would enjoy sharing thoughts back and forth right now, but I’m out of town for a funeral and am short on time this morning. Then I have drive back home 5 hours this afternoon. But let me just say, I think Joel Osteen and especially Kenneth Copeland are false prophets. Especially Copeland (and Gloria, too). That should clear up a few things 🙂
      Blessings, my brother.

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