Useless Information

I don’t reblog enough, but since I won’t have a good post for Grandparents Day until after Sunday morning’s church service (because I want to include the outline from which I preach, but I don’t want to give anything way), this is a great and worthless post to share for now.

Make sure you click on the link to see the whole thing, because you need to see the pictures!
Thanks, Mitch 🙂

Mitch Teemley

You’ll Thank Me Later. Really.

(Click on any picture to enlarge it, or to start slide show)

Special Bonus: Useless (but fun) Advice

“Don’t be sad, because sad is just das spelled backwards.” ~Found online (and, dude, it completely changed my life)

“Marriage is 5% love, 5% compromise, and 90% knowing you’ve already lost the argument so you should just shut up and fold the laundry, Ted…”

“The quickest way to resolve a marital disagreement is to argue naked.”

“If you love someone let them go. If you hate someone let them go. In fact, basically, just let everyone go. People are stupid.”

“People will stop asking you questions if you answer in interpretive dance.”

“When life gives you lemons, freeze them and throw them at people.”

“Having a two-year-old is like having a blender with no lid.” ~Jerry Seinfeld

“If you don’t like where you are now, move. You’re…

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  1. hawk2017

    Oh boy! rofl

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