Sharing Christ with atheists

Wise words of advice, the kind with which I wholeheartedly agree… because I’ve been there and have the t-shirt.

Running The Race

Since I have become more interested in evangelism in real life with real life people, I have been thinking quite a bit about talking faith with people who self-identify as atheists. If this is something you struggle with, there are some good tips here and here.

First, we must pray for them. When we pray, we acknowledge that we rely on the Lord’s power. We must not be confident in our own brilliance (Philippians 3:3); it is the Holy Spirit who draws people to Jesus (John 16:7-11; 12:32).

Second, we must speak the truth in love, treating atheists with gentleness and respect (Ephesians 4:15; 1 Peter 3:15). When we witness to others, we are not trying to win debates; rather, we are trying to lead them to Christ.

Third, don’t try to prove God’s existence beyond all reasonable doubt. Though this can be done, the goal is often too lofty…

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7 responses to “Sharing Christ with atheists

  1. How do I get the t-shirt?
    On a more serious note, I sent you an e-mail for a couple of atheist bloggers that could use prayer.


  2. Thanks for sharing Anthony. Bummer I never got a shirt, oh well.

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