The Price of Freedom

Memorial Day

Tomorrow is the day on which we Americans pause to remember and honor those who have fought and died for our country. We also honor those who have served and are serving.

Unfortunately, most people use this day to only focus on the celebration aspect of the holiday, not the memorial. But had it not been for those men and women who bled in the trenches and fell from the sky, there might not be a place to hold a barbecue. We celebrate because we are free, but that freedom came with a price.

Visiting Memorials

Three years ago at this time I visited Washington, D.C.. with my family, and one can’t visit D.C. without going to the memorials, especially on Memorial Day.

It had been a long time since the last time I was here, and new monuments to the fallen had been erected. One of them, which is probably the most impressive, is the World War 2 Memorial. I took my time exploring it.

One of the places at the WW2 Memorial is pictured below. Gold stars are affixed to a curved wall above a reflective pool. A plaque beside the reflective pool reads, “The Price of Freedom.”

Each star represents 100 who died in the war to defeat the Axis powers. Did you get that? 1 star = 100 dead. 


On this day let us pause and remember the lives sacrificed so that we (and the world) might live in freedom. Remember also that those stars represent mothers and fathers, husbands and wives, and scores of children whose loss purchased our gain.

Freedom isn’t free.



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10 responses to “The Price of Freedom

  1. Great post Anthony. Thank you for remembering all those who gave their lives for our freedom. May God’s hand remain on this experiement in Liberty and Freedom and may all man (and woman, and child) someday walk in the true light of FREEDOM.

  2. hawk2017

    Amen. Have a Blessed Day.

  3. Just a question Anthony. I admire your patriotism, as well as many American citizens, especially on Memorial Day each year, but why is the President in China over this weekend?
    I can see our P.M. doing things like that, but not a U.S,A. President. 😀

    • That’s a good question. I can’t say I know for sure. All I can say is that what I know of the man – aside from the incessant hate from those who want to destroy him – he is a believer in “the deal.” By that I mean that he will play every card, pat every back, shake every hand necessary, and do what any good salesman or businessman would do to close a deal that is beneficial for all, but especially for the home team. It’s business. But more than that, he’s a patriot who truly does want what’s best for America, as he sees it, and must present a powerful stand, else any “deals” might just be left to the next one in office. Negotiation, even with our adversaries, if mutually beneficial, is far better than armed conflict and the loss of life. That, in my humble opinion, is what I perceive to be happening.

      • Thank you for your response. He sure does all he can, whatever he can, for his country. And I admire him for his stand, public stand, against abortion, for Christianity. Even though I have had misgivings about some of his personal adventures, comments and actions. But I am not the judge. The U.S.A. seems to be doing well economically these past few years. Hopefully we will have a turnaround next election.

  4. Freedom should me being able, to be considered disrespectfully make political statements and not lose employment because of it.

  5. I am not American but appreciate the efforts you guys made to help your cousins. God bless the fallen and we will never forget them.

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