How Do You Want to be Known?

It’s not often I post a video of me preaching, but I hope this one is a blessing.

A couple of years ago, not long before I became pastor of South Soddy Baptist, I was invited back to Mile Straight Baptist Church to preach for the evening service. It’s always an honor when Dr. Tom Goss extends the invitation.

That night I felt led to preach a sermon based on one of my personal ministry objectives. The title of the sermon was “How Do You Want to be Known?”

So, if you’ve ever wondered what I looked like preaching, this is me! I don’t look any different, today, by the way. 🙂


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2 responses to “How Do You Want to be Known?

  1. Hey friend, listened to “Who Am I?” this morning on the way to work.

    It throughly blessed me, and the song too.

    I definitely needed to hear that. I work for a city in a public setting and boy does that door keep opening and folks with needs just keep traipsing in.

    I struggle with knowing I can’t help them, but then legally being able to tell them about The One who can.

    Also, I feel totally inadequate for all of the tasks at hand.

    So yes, that sermon was a huge blessing!

    Thank you.

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