Sometimes, life can be so hard …

Some real wisdom here from Charlie. I had to share it.

Learning From God's Word

Life seems to be so hard. Nothing really seems to work out for you. You feel like you’re being pulled in different directions – so many different directions. You don’t know which we turn. You wonder if it really matters which way you turn. Is there a right way? Is there a good way – a way that is better than any other way? Some people will tell you not to bother yourself too much about all this. Have you ever heard the words, “I am the way, the truth and the life.” These are amazing words. As you read them , don’t you think that they must have been spoken by an amazing person – someone who was well and truly out of the ordinary? They were spoke by an amazing person – Jesus Christ. You can find these words in the Bible. They’re in the New Testament –…

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3 responses to “Sometimes, life can be so hard …

  1. hawk2017

    Amen. Life can still be hard but now we have direction.:)

  2. Thanks, Anthony, for reblogging this post. Thanks, hawk, for your appreciative and encouraging comment. God bless you both.

  3. Thanks to all of you who liked this post. God bless you all.

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