Canning Kate Is Hypocritical Hate

I can’t help but insert my two cents into this story, the story of two professional sports teams ceasing to use Kate Smith’s “God Bless America” and the removal of her statue in Philadelphia.


Both the actions of the New York Yankees and the Philadelphia Flyers are hypocritical and hateful in their own right.

Stop and think about this. The reason for the canning of Kate Smith is that she recorded a couple of songs back in the early 1930’s, a couple of songs that are certainly racist by today’s standards. Yet, the songs she recorded were released nearly 14 years before the Brooklyn Dodgers allowed Jackie Robinson to play baseball in the previously all-white Major League.

It wasn’t until January 18, 1958, that Willie O’Ree became the first African-American to play in the National Hockey League.

Who, may I ask, kept blacks from competing in these two sports? What changed?

Long after the questionable songs in the 1930’s, Kate Smith was a regular guest at the games of those teams who now want to disavow her. If they want to allow a Black Lives Matter activist to push his agenda of radicalism, including that of tearing down statues of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, then it should only be fair that the NHL and MLB should be disbanded due to their generations of racial prejudice.

Or, we could recognize the faults of those in the past as we move forward with the truths we’ve all supposedly grown to acknowledge. The prayer of “God Bless America” should unite us in our love of country and the gratefulness for a place where the past does not always define the future.

And for the record, NONE (NO, NOT ONE) of our statued heroes were perfect – each and every one were flawed. If we continue down this ridiculous path of vengeance and hate, the ones doing the protesting will solidify a foundation on which nothing else will stand except the historically-deficient ideals of modern children.

Be careful what you ask for.

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One response to “Canning Kate Is Hypocritical Hate

  1. hawk2017

    The rise of satan’s empire continues. Human nature wants to hate and spew racial flem everywhere. Only our Christ Jesus says to love the way He loves. This world and apostate churches gang up on TrueBelievers and prepares for the anti-christ who is already in the wings of the stage. May our God come soon.:)

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