6 Ways to Encourage Your Pastor When He’s Preaching

Other Guys

I know I’m not the only blogger in the world. As a matter of fact, there are a lot of great blogs out there, some of which I read on a regular basis – and others I avoid.

Two very popular blogs in Christian circles are those of Thom S. Rainer and Chuck Lawless. Both are famous for lists like Eight Characteristics of the New Bivocational Pastor” and “Things I’ve Learned about Corporate Worship.”

This Guy

Well, I’m not the “other guys.” My blog is not as professional; I’m not a seminary professor (only minorly adjunct) or a contributor to denominational publications; and I don’t do enough research to come up with new lists every day.

However, today this guy is in total “list” mode! The following is a list from which ALL of us can benefit.

Are you ready?

6 Ways You Can Encourage Your Pastor When He’s Preaching

  1. Feedback. Don’t just sit there like a knot on a log when your pastor is preaching; give him some feedback! Say, “Amen!” Wave your hand. Throw a hymnal at the pulpit. DO SOMETHING! How is he supposed to know he’s getting through to you if you just sit there silently with a blank look on your face? At least nod your head in agreement once in a while.
  2. Sit closer to the front. Look, if you were going to a concert where someone was singing that you wanted to hear, where would you sit – if you could afford it? The front row! What does it convey to the minister when you sit all the way in the back? Especially when you’ve already admitted you’re hard of hearing?
  3. Actually show up to church! Let me tell you, it really does encourage a pastor to have his congregation actually show up on Sunday morning. Sunday evening is even better!
  4. Get Your Sleep – At Home. Please, make sure that you go to bed on Saturday night at least by midnight. When a pastor sees you nodding off all he can think is, “I’m boring the snot out of that person,” and that is NOT encouraging.
  5. Pray. Try not to do it with your eyes closed (see the previous point), but pray for your pastor when he’s preaching. Let him know beforehand and afterward that you lift him up before God while he’s slugging away from the pulpit. Courage builds when one knows someone’s got his back.
  6. Put a $100 bill in his hand when you shake it. OK, that’s a stretch, I know. But hey, I won’t stop you if you feel the urge 😉


OH! Do you know what would REALLY be encouraging? Leave a comment below! What would you add to this list?


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7 responses to “6 Ways to Encourage Your Pastor When He’s Preaching

  1. hawk2017

    I agree, Bro. Anthony. I say Amen a lot for good sermons and appreciate my online church pastors. I love each and all in Christ our Lord.:)

  2. Arriving for the service early, or at least on time.

  3. Pastors and comedians both stand on front of audiences for a living, but the comedian gets that instant feedback called laughter. I try to make it a point to wait around and tell the pastor I liked his sermon, of course, that’s supposing I did. I can’t say how many times a pastor has thanked me for the encouragement, saying he normally only hears from people when they don’t like what he said.

    • Honestly, I think that is one reason why some preachers tell more jokes from the pulpit: they need the immediate feedback. Nothing wrong with humorous illustrations, though, just as long as they don’t distract. But at least if you make people laugh or smile you do know they are listening.

  4. Take notes during the sermon. Thank the preacher after the service, especially if something was helpful or spoke to you in some way.

  5. I would add taking care of some things so that the pastor does not have to. Maybe visit that person or have that difficult conversation with a brother. Also, I would add….have his back when people are trying to put a knife in it. Pastors need a bodyguard so to speak

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