Spurs and Schedules

Friends and foes, I really wish I could sit down at my computer to write out all that’s going on in my life. Some of you would be excited, others could care less, but I hate long periods of silence.

Nevertheless, I’m currently on an extremely spur-of-the-moment trip out of town. It had to be taken now because of how my schedule is going to be changing starting February 1. On that day, after 13 months, I’m going to be driving a school bus again.

Believe me, between the reason for this trip and driving a school bus again, I’m going to have more stories to tell.

Maybe this weekend I’ll continue with my series on things to do in 2019.

It all depends on how the spur affects me.


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8 responses to “Spurs and Schedules

  1. hawk2017

    Spurs tend to encourage our imaginations. 🙂

  2. You’re brave. I could never handle driving a school bus!

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