The With Us God: The God Of Peace!

If Pastor Randy said nothing else in this post but the following, it would still be worth reading and “liking”: “If your confidence that God is with you only when the circumstances are good, then your faith is shallow and insincere. Our Confidence In God Must Be Rooted In The Character Of God, not in what God will do for you.”

But Pastor Randy Burbank (not a Baptist, sadly), makes some solid points in this piece which are as applicable around Christmas as at any other time. God is with us the whole year round.

Kingdom Pastor

(This is the final installment of my current message series, The With Us God)

Here are the names we have looked at thus far.  Yahweh Yireh—The God Who Provides.Yahweh-Nissi—The Lord Who Fights For Us.Yahweh-Shammah—The God Who Is There!  William Shakespeare wrote in his tragedy “Romeo and Juliet” a famous line:  “What’s in a name?  That which we call a rose by any other name would be as sweet.”  His point was that a name did not change the essence of a thing or a person.  There is nothing significant about a name.  And to a degree he is right, but not always.  Change the name of the skunk to honeysuckle and he will still stink.  It doesn’t change its nature.

However, when it comes to Immanuel, the With Us God, the name is uniquely special in both meaning and power.  These names of God from the Old Testament say something about…

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  1. hawk2017

    Yes, He is with us every nanosecond of time. I feel Him each breath and heartbeat. Ty and Love in Our Christ.:)

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