Are You in the Wilderness This Christmas?

If you’ve never read any of Keith Haney’s posts, you’ve been missing out. This post is especially encouraging.

Becoming Bridge Builders

A man walks on a path under a colorful night sky.

You ask, what is the wilderness? Here are the characteristics of the wilderness. A wilderness experience usually follows a season of highs. For Jesus right after He was baptized (which was more accurately a coronation), He was taking His rightful place as the final and greatest king of Israel. As soon as the event was over Mark’s gospel says He was immediately thrown into a wilderness experience where Satan would tempt Him after 40 days of fasting. Wilderness experiences usually happen when you are at the end of your spiritual rope. It is a time of seeking God’s will and direction for your life. 

In a previous post, we talked about the valley. When you are in the valley you get to know Him in a deeper way because you are forced to rest on Him. We enjoy Him on the mountaintops, but get to…

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  1. I am really glad you posted this. Keith had fallen out of my reader!

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