Sharing (Re-blogging, Social Media) Is Caring

    Starting this Monday (Dec. 17, 2018) through Christmas (do I have to tell you the date?), I encourage all of you to accept the following challenge: “Like” and Share our fellow bloggers’ posts.

    Sure, go ahead and write your own stuff, but try to share another blogger’s work at least once a day, either by re-blogging on your own site, or by forwarding it on other media platforms. If possible, try to find a different blogger to repost for each day. 

    By the way, is it “reblogging” or “re-blogging”? Or either?

    Anyway, sharing the posts from other bloggers is a way to increase their readership, along with yours. But mostly, it’s a way to show how much you appreciate what others in our blogging family contribute to the Kingdom. 

    Build our community through sharing and edification.

Sharing is caring. 

Are YOU up for the challenge?



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13 responses to “Sharing (Re-blogging, Social Media) Is Caring

  1. I love reblogging! I have done one a day since I can remember. Sometimes I just simply reblog, but now and then I waver and copy and past with a pingback. I like that way a lot, as I can schedule those in advance.

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  3. I never saw reblogging this way. I was convinced that liking and commenting is caring.

  4. Running the Race

    Cool idea, I’m in 🙂

  5. I agree. I like to share others articles whenever I think one needs to be shared.

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