Newsboys United. Wow!

I just wanted to share this post from i4Daily (my other blog). But I’m also attaching a link to Peter Furler’s salvation story (from a few years ago). If you are unsure of your relationship with God, please watch it.

i4 Daily

Last night I was blessed to attend a very special concert in Nashville, TN.

It was the Newsboys United Tour.

What made it special were several things. First, seeing all the original members of the Newsboys together on stage, including Phil Joel and Peter Furler…the old songs sung by the original band!!! Yay!!!!

Second, Nashville is home for several of the Newsboys guys, so this performance was more personal. For example, it was Phil Joel’s daughter (a freshman at Lipscomb University) who introduced his group, Zealand, that opened up for the Newsboys.

My youngest daughter got a picture with Peter Furler’s wife, for crying out loud.

Then last, but not least, I got to attend this concert with my wife and daughters (except for the one who’s in SC). It was great for all of us to sing along to “God’s Not Dead” and the “breakfast” song as a family…

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  1. We just booked tickets to see Mark Lowry. That should be good. He’s more my speed than the Newsboys LOL.

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