And Then, Sunday…

Yesterday I reblogged a post from Lynn Abbott. I am going to do it again, today.

This should answer Gary Fultz’s question 🙂

Through Ink & Image

“Then Came Sunday,” © 2018 Lynn Abbott Studios. Used with Permission.

© 2018 Lynn Abbott

Grief can be a dark place.  Or as David so aptly described it in the immortal Psalm, we walk through “the valley of the shadow of death,” (Psalm 23:4).

I think its capable of such devastation because, after all, we are not wired for grief.  Indeed, God’s perfect plan for humanity never included death.

However, the first couple’s blatant disobedience in Eden’s garden changed all that; both sin and death entered the world.  And grief clutched humanity’s heels.

Indeed, the valley of shadow sometimes feels like a steep ravine.

Darkness closes in, and you and I feel lost… and even alone.

I imagine the disciples felt very alone immediately after the cross.

Peter and John had been eye witnesses to the demands of the angry mob: “Crucify Him!”  The courtyard rang with the mob’s chant.

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3 responses to “And Then, Sunday…

  1. Thank you; thank you, Anthony! You are incredibly generous and thoughtful. I am truly honored by your re-blogs! God bless you beyond all that you can imagine!

  2. Isn’t Lynn great? Such an encourager, too she is.

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