Truth transcends perception.


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  1. It’s hard not to believe yourself. To trust ones self first seems “So Right” Then God comes along (prob 3:5-6) and says you’re wrong (IS 55:8-9)

  2. Yes,yes,amen, but did you ever read “The Life of Pi” or see the movie? I just mention it because it’s a interesting tale about the power of perception, and how the way we perceive things really shapes our “truth.” The view from our window may not change at all, but if our eyes are on Jesus, we’re seeing Him and His kingdom rather than our own circumstances.

    It’s kind of a fascinating philosophical question,”what is truth?” Jesus also touches on this when He asks, “who do you say I am?”

    • Yes, I preached from John 14:1-7 this morning. This post stemmed from my study. Shortest post ever 🙂

    • Jesus also said “I am the truth” So truth is a person (verses the abstract or ideas defined by me or “my truth”. or at least Jesus embodied all truth. I suspect finite minds can only touch the edges of truth, and not much deeper. I agree that Keeping our eyes on Jesus is the answer for us (Hebrews 12:1-2 is my life verse). Good text for preaching on truth (Jn 14:1-7) Anthony.

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