Why Blogging Scares Me

This is only the second post I’ve read on “Devoted Together,” but it seems like Pastor Brandon Langley, even in his inaugural post, get’s what Christian blogging is all about. Let’s welcome him to the community.

Blogging scares me and it should scare you too. In fact, all Christians should approach any form of social media with fear and trembling. I have been in Christian ministry for seven years now and have benefited much from the online writing of others, but I have avoided any writing endeavor of my own because of this fear. I fear blogging because I know what is in man and more specifically what is in me.

The Danger Within Us

Ever since the garden of Eden, man has believed the lie of the Evil One – that the best pursuit of life is the pursuit of joy in being praised as a god rather than the pursuit of joy in praising the one true God. We unknowingly and subconsciously long for, fight for, and sacrifice much for the affirmations and praises of men at the expense of our own souls.


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5 responses to “Why Blogging Scares Me

  1. Oh,cool post, Anthony! Thanks for linking to it.

  2. Thanks. Heading over that way to check it out.

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