Revue: Grace Givers

I was amazed to find out that Lynn Abbott didn’t just post some great artwork with her writing, but her great writing included fantastic artwork she does herself!

This particular post was a blessing to me, especially in the light of what I plan to cover in church tomorrow morning. How about going on over to “Through Ink & Image” and saying “hello” for me? I’m sure you’ll be blessed, and she would appreciate it, too.

Through Ink & Image

“I’ve Got Your Back,” © Lynn Abbott Studios. Used with Permission.

© 2018 Lynn Abbott

My son says I have one of those faces…You know, the kind that say, “Tell me your story.”

And my son apparently finds this mildly amusing. After all,  he frequently laughs and remarks, “Mom, I don’t have time to grab a coffee with you today.  You know someone always waylays you with a story.”

Personally, I think he exaggerates just a tad.  However, I do distinctly remember one woman and her tale.

Since the summer’s day dawned humid and hot, I offered to take my then thirteen-year-old son and his best friend to the local water park.

Fortunately for me, despite the crowds,  a deeply sun tanned woman compassionately offered a seat at her table.

Gratefully, I accepted her offer.  After all, she explained that she would soon return home to walk her dogs.


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One response to “Revue: Grace Givers

  1. Thank you, thank you for honoring me in this way, Anthony! You are incredibly thoughtful and kind! And truly a “grace-giver.” I wish I could be there tomorrow to hear your message! I know I would be truly blessed. And, by the way, I’m sure that your wife and I are kindred spirits! She sounds fantastic! Love her even though we haven’t met. 🙂 God bless you tomorrow. I will pray God uses your words mightily to encourage and inspire!

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