Are you taught to keep the Law of Moses?

I wanted to share the following post on my blog, simply because it expertly deals with the issue of legalism. The author of this piece has come out of the legalistic circles of his own denomination, but regardless of denomination, the biblical foundation for his exodus is sound. No matter what Christian denomination you consider yourself a part of, if it teaches you that you must keep the Law of Moses in order to be right with God (saved), then you need to reconsider what you’re being taught.

I have been absent for some time in my writing trying to sort out the real motivations and purposes behind this blog. There is an internal conversation that asks, should I continue focusing on legalism, cult-style control within religious organizations? Or should I turn the focus towards grace, and love, and freedom in Christ?

Then events take place that remind me, grace, love, and freedom in Christ, comes from the awakening the understanding that the yoke of legalism is ugly, destructive, and anti-Christ, and my resolve is rekindled.

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3 responses to “Are you taught to keep the Law of Moses?

    • Not a problem. I’m just glad someone’s out there willing to write what you write with bonus and conviction. You should see how I’m trying to write this comment. I’m sitting in the car speaking over the car phone connection, visually telling Siri how to say what I want to say knowing that she’s going to make a bunch of mistakes. That’s called boldness and trust. LOL. For instance I said you had old, not bonus. But I can’t change anything because I can’t use any of my fingers!

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