Shopping – Evidence We Need Jesus

Last Minute

I will confess, I’ve not yet purchased any Christmas gifts for my loved ones and friends, all except for one particular gift that I’m more excited to give than any other ever. I really don’t care if anyone gets anything for me, just as long as they keep Jesus the main thing this year.

However, I did play the part of a loving dad and stood in a cold Black Friday line in front of Best Buy with two of my daughters

The Perfect Gift

But this whole shopping thing got me to thinking: will we ever find the “perfect” gift? So often people spend hours and hours navigating traffic, long lines, websites, and clearance racks trying to find a gift that is just right, one that is just “perfect” for the recipient. Color, size, flash, style, and price all play a part in trying to determine how the gift will be received – will they love it or hate it? Who knows?

Unfortunately, because of the stress of it all, much gift-giving has been reduced to whatever is on sale or the ultimately non-personal gift card. The fact is that the “perfect gift” is an illusion, or a sign, rather, that there is something just beyond our grasp – the real perfect gift.

Already Given

You see, here’s the thing: the only “perfect gift” has already been given; all other gifts pale in comparison. Jesus – the meaning of the season – was the Perfect Gift from God to man, making all other gifts mere reflections.

Seriously, what other gift can compare to the One that was delivered in Bethlehem?

  • He was given at the perfect time (Galatians 4:4);
  • He was wrapped like no other gift could ever be (Luke 2:12; Philippians 2:7);
  • He was exactly what everyone in all the world needs (Luke 2:11);
  • He was the greatest expression of love the world would ever see (John 3:16; 1 John 4:9).

There’s nothing you’re going to find at any mall or specialty store better than what was already given two thousand years ago. Our search for the “perfect” gift is nothing more than a sign – that there’s always something better, something that can’t be purchased, something only grace can provide.

Have a merry Christmas!

(The following video was made a few years ago. It features my wife, Mr. Monkey, and our little dog Nugget – we miss him very much ☹️)


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7 responses to “Shopping – Evidence We Need Jesus

  1. i think you’re thinking too hard about it
    ..i try to find the best gift i can think of at the time but the perfect gift ?? nope…..i buy what i can afford and i don’t let the Christmas Season take my joy by my getting worried about whether or not what i bough for someone rate a perfect score or whether or not Chrismas is a pagan holiday..It isn’t christmas that makes anyone behave one way or’s people not being responsible or not being or shopping reasonably or trying to keep up with the joneses..The Christmas season is’s a holiday.. How people react to it isn’ the fault of Christmas or the Christmas season..People tend to wrongly blame the Season or Holiday which didn’t force them to do anything..I bought my cousin a birthday present so expensive one year (juat because i wanted him to have the perfect gift)that i went hungry for a few weeks..bad decision..but it wasn’t his birthday’s fault.

    • First, many times I don’t think hard enough, which is why my wife will ask, “What were you thinking?” Second, I hope your cousin sent you a “thank you” note with a gift certificate for some free fries 😉

  2. Jesus was indeed the perfect gift. A good question for this Christmas season would be…have we shared this gift with anybody? Comments close here; blessings and enjoy!

  3. Reblogged this on Truth in Palmyra and commented:

    Jesus was indeed the perfect gift. A good question for this Christmas season would be…have we shared this gift with anybody? Comments close here; blessings and enjoy!

  4. I’m such a goober; I commented and meant to reblog LOL.

  5. ChristianPathShare

    I was supposed to start shopping already? I know I will get “hate mail” but this whole unChristian Christmas thing seems pointless to me and I am beginning to seriously dislike the whole process. I would rather just spend time with family, remember that it is a day of worship and move on with my life. Unfortunately, that is not how it ever works out so I’m gifting lots of baked goods and a couple presents for the grandchildren. Anything more than that I just don’t have the energy for this year.

    Be well, my friend, always.

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