31 Christian Responses to Aron Ra’s Gaslighting Festival Against Jesus

You know, as I continue to scratch and search for time to write, it’s posts like this from bloggers like this that I will keep reblogging. Honestly, “Christian Apologist” deserves a few more followers, don’t you think?

Christian Apologist

“Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

The Western world is becoming increasingly secular in many countries, especially within Europe, where people seem to be gravitating away from God. “New atheists” such as Richard Dawkins, Daniel Dennett, Sam Harris and the late Christopher Hitchens have capitalized on this movement and have collectively sold millions of books advocating a world without God. Their fervor and the fact my own brother regards the work of Sam Harris highly have inspired my passion against this movement, which has led me to write thirty seven blogs over the past year, which include multiple rebuttals to numerous atheists and skeptics.

Today, I listened to Aron Ra’s video, which I’ll label as a gas-lighting festival against Jesus. Aron makes a number of points that seem to slam Jesus into a corner. I’ve highlighted thirty one of his most significant points…

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5 responses to “31 Christian Responses to Aron Ra’s Gaslighting Festival Against Jesus

  1. ChristianPathShare

    Left the same comment for “Christian Apologist”:

    I would rather die a foolish Christian that lives my life in faith, happiness and at peace only to die and find out I was wrong rather than be an atheist, die and find out I was wrong. Keep writing my foolish Christian friend!

    Be well, always

  2. Really, Anthony. There’s something feral about atheists. They aren’t content to disbelieve, they need to denigrate those that do believe.

    • ChristianPathShare

      In my experience anyone (not just atheists) that spends so much time degrading, arguing, writing, thinking or debating something (not just the existence of God)they DON’T believe exists must have doubts about what they are saying or at some point was a part of or very involved in the very thing they are now so against.

      Why fight what doesn’t exist? Who are they angry at if nobody is “up there”? If someone believes and they are a fool, why are you spending so much time trying to change someone that has no affect or effect on or in your life? Why do they care so much about their fellow man and if they have nobody to answer to what is the benefit to them in changing me? Not like they have a Savior to answer to when they leave this world but what do I know, I have something to believe in.

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