Thursday Thought

The odds of finding a needle in a haystack are against the one searching for it. But tell a man there actually is a needle (or possibly a few) in the haystack he’s about to jump into, and one of two things will probably happen: he’ll either recalculate the odds, or proceed like a fool.

Can you think of real-life examples?


Note: All recent posts have and are being written on my iPhone while we are in the process of moving – I don’t have access to my computer and internet.  



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3 responses to “Thursday Thought

  1. When my 20 year old son (now 41) was in a car accident heading to his job as a waiter (working his way through college), his apron with the previous night’s tips in it was left in the totaled car. My husband thought the odds were that somebody had already seen and taken the money. He said, “Son, your apron may be there, but the money won’t be.” When my husband and older son went to look at the car, the apron – and the money – were still there, right in plain sight – anyone could have helped themselves to it, but they did not. My son recovered from the accident (Praise God!), and we had many blessings, along with this one, that arrived during that frightful time.

  2. Short and sweet work, too. Mine own blogs are becoming way too long.

  3. frank679

    The Lottery is a classic example of today’s modern day haystack!

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