Happy B-Day to Me


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10 responses to “Happy B-Day to Me

  1. Woot! Happy birthday to you! Fifty is a great age to be.

  2. 🥁🎂🍦🎪🎁🎉💖✝️

  3. Happy Birthday to you, Brother in Christ Anthony. Wish you all the best. May your life will be filled with abundant blessing from God. In Chinese culture, become 50 is a new great phase of life 🙂

  4. roy cavender

    Hope it was a good one. Thankful Valerie is home.

    On Sun, Sep 17, 2017 at 8:37 AM The Recovering Legalist wrote:

    > Anthony Baker posted: “” >

  5. I always sing “happy birthday to me” and my family just laughs at me. I also start letting everyone (well, my family) know a few days ahead of time so they won’t forget. My husband thinks everyone should remember on their own, and I think, why have them feel badly if they forget when all it takes is such a simple reminder from their mom/grandma? 50 was a great age to be for me, and I hope 65 is, as well – I’ll let you know next month!

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