“Me and God”

This post is from my third and rarely-mentioned, rarely-updated blog, i4Daily. It was a photo blog I started when I still had an iPhone 4. This post was published almost 6 years ago, back when I still had a study.

i4 Daily

Hanging on the wall in my study, directly across from my desk, is this charcoal drawing. It is entitled “Me and God.”

My father, Terry Baker, drew this back in 1978. It is a simple sketch on canvas. The message is simple, too.

Ironically, it was only when I was uploading this picture from my iPhone that I noticed something – the candle. Every time I study in my office I light a candle. I don’t do it for any “spiritual” reason; just because I like the warm glow and scent that helps set a contemplative mood. As I looked at the sketch I wondered if my dad felt the same way. Maybe that’s why I do it.

One more thing…notice that there is no computer on the desk. It’s nice when it’s just God’s Word and me, “Me and God.”

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