Happy 8th to The Recovering Legalist

My heartfelt thanks goes out to all of you who read and follow my blog. You mean more to me than you know.


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8 responses to “Happy 8th to The Recovering Legalist

  1. Happy “blogiversary”! I appreciate you and our dialog. God bless you!

  2. Congratulations and thank you for the effort you put into this! I read your posts about considering ending your blog career, and let me tell you, I’m one who is glad you didn’t. Having left a cult in February of this year (2017) I was desperately looking for a place where I didn’t feel alone. Finding your blog was one of those places where I realized I wasn’t.

    Just TODAY, the only friend from my previous cult that has not cut off me send me a message saying, in good nature, “I don’t give my loyalty to people willy-nilly. And just so you know… I’ve taken quite a bit of grief for not cutting you off,”

    That is the cult and hardcore legalist experience. You are cut off and that is the normal talk within the group. Finding your blog was very, very helpful for me and so today, I CELEBRATE WITH YOU on this 8th Anniversary!

  3. Congratulations Anthony and thank you for serving the Lord through your writing.

  4. Your honesty and your sense of humor, along with your wise words, of course, have definitely made a good difference to a lot of us. Thanks and congratulations!

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