When GI Jane has her monthly pain

Since I don’t have anything new for this weekend, I thought I would share this post from a follower, one who knows far more about military things than myself.

The Domain for Truth

Someone asked me about my thought about women in their period while on a mission with military “elite” units.  Obviously I’m not a woman so my comment is going to be more on the military side of things.  I imagine that many within such units have reservation about combat units being no longer exclusively all-male.  Here’s my thoughts.

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2 responses to “When GI Jane has her monthly pain

  1. That’s an awesome reblog from one my favorite people. 🙂

    You are always welcome to reblog anything I’ve written, in fact I’d be honored. I’ve seen Wally write posts over here a few times. I’m just reluctant to commit because my plate is full and I don’t want to make empty promises. Anything I’ve already posted however, is yours should you need it.

  2. I’m glad to see you over at bro Jim’s place

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