Like every summer, more articles have been published by young women who think modesty is overrated, if not harmful, and that men should just get a grip. Seriously, it’s like “Let me go naked in public, but don’t question my judgment, and by all means don’t lust, creep!” I’ve heard the arguments, but I just don’t get it.

Well, what you have here is a post by a different kind of girl, one who understands freedom and grace, but also self-worth and dignity – and yes, modesty. Therefore, it doesn’t surprise me that she considers the following picture her favorite out of hundreds taken over 26 days throughout Europe.

In a world that is going mad, this post is a quick breath of fresh air.

Shutter Elf

DSC_0262 Civalry in Verona

This was my proudest moment in all of my tour of Europe. The young men here are Eric (left) and Jeremey (right). We were at the home of Juliet in Verona, Italy, and this is the statue people visit there. The tradition is that you are to place your hand on her breast for good luck and fortune, but these guys were the two in the whole place that wanted to show her – a statue – what respect and love is.

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3 responses to “Chivalry

  1. Seth

    An outstanding display of true manliness by two young men “across the pond.” As I continue to hope and pray for America’s return to God, ethics, morals, etc., I pray this image becomes ingrained in the minds of many and is passed on like wildfire throughout social media.

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