Stepping Stones

Another post from my daughter, Katie Marie. Have you ever thought about steps?

Shutter Elf

DSC_0297.JPG Colosseum in Verona

The day that I went to Verona, Italy I was able to see the colosseum where opera productions are now held. As we were there, my small group walked around and climbed up to the top in several places. We ate lunch and fought the birds that were wanting a taste of the packed meal. But we never really discussed the historical impact of the structure. We mostly stayed quiet or pointed out how the rows of chairs at the bottom looked funny or how strange some people appeared to be.

Still, I thought about it. In the confinds of my mind I was thinking about how many people over hundreds of years – centuries – would climb these same steps and watch the slaughter that might have happened within its walls. I wondered how much torment took place and how many people cheered at the sight…

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  1. Seth

    “I wondered how much torment took place and how many people cheered at the sight…”
    It makes you think of what is occurring today throughout many areas of the world. Our media is extremely quiet about it. As long as we go to great lengths to not offend those who relish in the grandeur of sinful lifestyles (and we all sin and fall short daily – but you KNOW what I mean) then the world is an okay place and nothing is truly wrong, except for Donald Trump being President apparently. God supposedly overlooked something. It makes one want to read through the book of Revelation again a time or two (which I have been during my free time).

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