Wally Fry reblogged this, so I checked it out for myself. Now I’m going to reblog this post simply because it unintentionally addresses the question that Jesus asked of Peter in Mark 8:27, “But who do you say that I am?”

It really doesn’t matter what other people say about Jesus. It doesn’t matter what they think of Him. What matters is what YOU think of Him, and the only way to truly learn of Him is to objectively read about Him in the Bible. Read the following testimony and you’ll understand what I’m talking about.

What Elena Wrote

I am a believer.

I found Jesus and he changed my life.

This post is not going to be a religious post and you will find out why soon enough if you just keep reading. I want to open your eyes to see a truth that is hidden from most people.

When I say Jesus, you automatically think about religion, right? We are conditioned that way.

You see, I was born and raised in Israel, a Jewish country. Part of the deal was that I didn’t even know about Jesus because he is for “a different religion”. Little did I know that knowing nothing about him will help me see him for who he is because I didn’t have any prejudice against him.

I was always passionate about gaining wisdom and self-development. I loved consuming any piece of information that could make me better. Until one day, I came across…

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  1. Awesome. Good commentary on that, too.

  2. Melissa Presser, Lover of Jesus

    Thanks Pastor for sharing, I love finding Jewish believers and connecting with them, we share a special bond.

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